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Pressure sensitive mat switch (Azbil Trading)

With excellent reliability and durability, this mat ensures a safe work area.

With the widespread use of FA, many industrial robots and NC machine tools have been installed in factories, creating an increasing number of dangerous areas for human beings. As a result, safety measures are needed for workers who enter dangerous areas, such as a means of stopping an industrial robot immediately and disabling its start switch. The pressure sensitive mat has excellent reliability and durability. Also, to provide industrial safety even if a wire should break, a circuit that detects a broken wire is available as a standard feature.


The pressure sensitive mat's internal contact has a sandwich structure consisting of a special urethane foam that has well-proven durability and flat ribbon wires. The outer surface is high-quality oil-resistant rubber. It is designed for indoor use.

  • Maintenance man-hours required for long product life are greatly reduced
  • Choice of two surface treatments: ribbed rubber or block rubber pattern to prevent slipping
  • Flexible rubber offers easy installation or repositioning.
  • High-quality oil-resistant rubber (NBR, in case of oil-resistant type)
  • Wire break detection feature can be installed as a safety enhancement
  • Non-directional and wide sensing zone
  • Various shapes are available to fit the facility layout


4-wire Remarks
Rated voltage 30 Vdc max.
Rated current 300 mA max.
Withstand voltage 1000 Vac for 1 minute Leak current between leads: 250 mA max.
Insulation resistance 10 Mohm min. When 500 Vdc is applied
Lead-lead and lead-ground
Resistance in active mode 5 ohm max. 100 × 100 mm plane
When 200 N is applied
Application force 200 N max. 100 × 100 mm plane
Static load 1000 N for 1 minute 10 × 10 mm plane
Number of operations 1 million times 100 × 100 mm plane
Applied pressure 1000 N
Electrical load: 30 Vdc, 100 mA
Pressure application cycle:
1 s press, 1 s release
Operating/storage temperature -10-60 °C
Operating humidity 85 % RH max. (without condensation)
Protective structure Conforms to IPX6
  • Oil-resistant type (SMT or SMB)Suitable for areas where machine oil is dripped onto mat, persons get on and off frequently with safety shoes, etc. External thickness is 13 mm.
  • General-purpose type (TSM)Used for comparatively clean areas where machine oil etc. is not likely dripped onto it. External thickness is 13 mm.
  • Yellow frame optionThe dead zone is shown by the yellow frame. The yellow frame will not peel off. It is available for SMT, SMB, and TSM models.