Azbil Trading Co., Ltd.

Business Profile

Azbil Trading Co., Ltd. provides its customers better products of mainly control devices and machinery as well as peripheral devices and equipment of both domestic and overseas with Azbil products as a back end basis in order to meet customers' needs at any time.

Azbil Trading Co., Ltd. keeps to be close to customers and as the technically specialized trading company of Azbil Group, it strives to realize safety, comfort and fulfillment in people's lives through offering and selling various products and systems such as human-centered control & system engineering, machinery safety, air environment improvement, data security and inspection equipment.

Control devices, instrument devices and system engineering

We propose various control devices, from components to systems.

We offer you various control and field devices suitable for equipment and facilities at many production sites, centering on Azbil products.

Our lineup includes the "process sensor family that enables high precision measurement", the "controller family that enables intelligent control", the "sensor and switch family with many variations", the "valve and motor family successfully received by many customers, based on our rich experience" and the "display and recorder family that shows data on a real time basis at production sites."

Azbil Trading has been engaged in FA (factory automation) and CIM (computer integrated manufacturing) based on its long cherished system engineering strength, providing various products from sensors to systems, as well as from discrete to hybrid and process manufacturing. With all these combined, we are committed to helping you to resolve your problems.

Air cleaners (oil mist collectors)

Provide clean air environment to various sites, from factories to offices.

Our environmental business focuses on oil mist collectors (electric dust collectors) to clean air at various sites. Many companies are actively promoting clean air environment at factories and kitchens amid growing environmental challenges such as global warming caused by human activities.

Factories are filled with oil mist and smoke. Ventilating such contaminated air out will affect people living around the factories. It may also cause damage to workers' health. The products that Azbil Trading offer help you to achieve clean air environment.

Data recorders

Ensures collection of data from land to ocean, sky and universe.

Azbil Trading delivers a consistent service from sale to maintenance of highly efficient data recorders and analyzers, including hard disk recorders in aerospace, marine and transportation fields.

We also handle high performance data magnetic erasers that enable complete erasing of data traces using strong magnetic field to respond to the need for data security.

Machine industry devices

Contribute to automation and energy saving, focusing on people at manufacturing sites.

We deliver a wide range of human-friendly automation and energy saving devices through machine tools and related peripheral facilities. We also offer safety devices for machines to ensure workers' safety.