Azbil Trading Co., Ltd.


Azbil Trading is a trading company with engineering expertise in Azbil Group.

Azbil Trading delivers you with excellent products and solutions both from Japan and abroad.

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Control devices for industrial application Instrumental control devices, sensors and switches offered by Azbil's Advanced Automation business


Thermal imaging cameras

Azbil Trading Co., Ltd. handles infrared thermography devices offered by FLIR Systems, one of the global leading companies of infrared thermography devices.


Safety interlock switches

Azbil Trading has been engaged in import and sale of safety devices (safety switches) from various countries in the world for more than 20 years.


Environmental products

TRION's oil mist collectors are perfect air cleaners in various scenes.

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Data recorders

Highly efficient data recorders

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Products for plants application

Diversified and highly reliable products and devices that respond to production challenges and needs. Solutions that resolve problems in life cycle of production facilities and offer new values.