Azbil Trading Co., Ltd.

Safety interlock switchesPRODUCTS

Pressure sensitive switch series (Azbil Trading Co., Ltd.)

  • Pressure sensitive mat switch
  • Pressure sensitive cable switch
  • Pressure sensitive belt switch
  • Pressure sensitive safety-bumper switch
  • Pressure sensitive soft-bar switch
  • Pressure sensitive safety-edre switch
  • SC-U1D1 Series Safety Controller

Emergency pull-wire switches (.steute)

Safe switchgear for complex and demanding applications
True to this motto, around 300 steute employees work hard to develop and produce pioneering, practical and durable switchgear. Because our focus is always firmly on our customers, our company has continually and lastingly grown, decade after decade. And we will continue to develop - alongside our customers.
Our Löhne location is in East Westphalia, a centre of German engineering and electrics. It is home to competent specialists developing and manufacturing innovative products with real commitment, and we have many good contacts to renowned universities and other research and educational establishments to be found in the region.
steute has at its disposal trained specialists who can guarantee competent consulting and quick service in nearly all the industrial and emerging nations. Part of our company culture is to foster a close cooperation with our business partners built on trust. We use our expertise to make you more successful!

Trapped key interlock system (Fortress Interlocks)

Fortress Interlocks has a simple mission: to help businesses protect their human and capital assets. We do this by designing and manufacturing safety interlock systems for industrial applications. These range from power generation, steel making and automotive manufacturing to food and beverage processing, materials recycling and construction.

Safety Light curtains (REER)

Founded in Turin (Italy) in 1959, ReeR distinguished itself for its strong commitment to innovation and technology. A steady growth throughout the years allowed ReeR to become a point of reference in the safety automation industry at a worldwide level. The Safety Division is in fact today a world leader in the manufacturing of safety optoelectronic sensors and controllers.

Coded magnetic safety system (MECHAN CONTROLS)

A leading British designer and manufacturer of machine guard safety systems, Mechan Controls specializes in the production of non-contact safety switches. It operates throughout the world, providing its customers with durable, cost-effective safety switches that have proven their reliability in some of industry's harshest, most demanding environments.

Lockout tagout products (Reece Safety Products Ltd)

  • Safety padlock
  • Lockout hasp
  • Stainless steel lockout hasp
  • Circuit breaker lockout
  • Valve lockout
  • Ball valve lockout
  • Group lockout box
  • Lockout kit
  • Wall mounted group lockout box