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Brewing process control system

Brewing process control system
You can rely on the system for brewing quality control.
Energy saving and streamlining at brewing site, including sake, fermented soybean paste and soy source.

Any problems?

  • Shortage of master brewers and experienced workers make it difficult to control temperature and humidity of brewing meticulously.
  • It is getting increasingly difficult to work around-the-clock on site at all times.

Azbil Trading will offer you with solutions!

Azbil Trading will provide you with brewing process control to promote energy saving and streamlining at brewing site.
We will help you with registration of brewing patterns, automation of opening and closing of valves and monitoring of temperature and humidity. We will also notify you of abnormal incidents to your smartphone or mobile phone via internet.
We will offer you with convenient, easy-to-use functions to support you brewing process control.

Brewing process of Sake