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Monitoring of abnormal temperatures at paper mills

Thermography temperature monitoring at paper mills.
For temperature monitoring of equipment, fuel and raw materials.
Sends out an alarm before a fire breaks out by monitoring surface temperature.

Infrared camera temperature monitoring system

This product monitors surface temperature of a wide area with a non-contact infrared thermography camera. It detects a high temperature part of a thermal image where the temperature is visualized, and sends out an alarm. You can use the product for monitoring of fire break temperature of wooden chips and dry food, monitoring of fuel chip temperature in the fuel storage/temperature inside the warehouse.

  • You can set a temperature a little lower than the NG threshold and send out an alarm if it becomes higher than that.
  • You can send out an alarm if the NG status continues for a certain period of time (you can set the time).
  • You can prevent alarm errors when a person with a heat source (e.g., incandescent lamp) crosses the area.
  • You can save images and numerical data for 30 minutes before and after an alarm is sent out.
  • You can divide the area into several grading blocks to better identify NG parts.
  • You can convert temperatures of the heat source to the size of danger.
  • You can present the maximum temperature in the area by trends.

You can set the target area in each camera screen and determine the temperature with the threshold.